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AC Petfoods Ltd offers an all year round service for processing horses. We can take all old, injured or unwanted horses for processing, with the option of on farm collection or delivering stock.

If you have an injured horse, one that is unable to be transported live, or simply prefer the animal to be put down in their own surroundings, then we are able to come to you, and put the horse down in a humane manner, and remove the animal.

If you prefer to deliver the horse to our premise on Ohaupo Road, we have paddocks and facilities set up to allow for this. At all times, the animals’ welfare and psychological needs are adequately addressed. At no time are the horses in or near our processing plant while they are alive. If you have a larger number of horses that require collection, then call the office on 07 843 9036 and we can arrange a collection.

When supplying us with horses, you will be required to fill out a MPI Declaration form. All drugs the horse may have been administered up to 60 days prior to collection (excluding worm drenches) must be declared. This is very important as the sale of some products require drug free status.

 Given the increased disposal cost of waste, offal and skins we dont pay for horses.

Unfortuntely we are not taking Goats or Sheep at present as we are unable to dispose of the offal.  We will update the website if this situation changes.