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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below or give us a call on 0800 DOWNCOW.

Do you collect calves that have been exposed to Penicillin?

Yes – we can collect and process calves that have received penicillin, either via milk or direct treatment to the calf itself. Why waste the milk from your penicillin cows or have the worry of contaminating bobby milk. Simply feed all of it to your calves and we will still collect the Bobbies.

Are your calves processed on the same day?

Yes – We guarantee same day processing 6 days per week. Our processing plant starts operating at approximately 2pm Monday to Saturday.

Do my calves need tags?

No – We do not require tags.

Will you collect my sick calves?

No – Not on the Bobby truck. You can call the office to organise a collection for sick, injured or deformed calves.

How often will you collect my calves?

Through the peak season we collect 3 days a week no matter which area you are in. We are trialing a 6 day per week collection in selected areas throughout August. Call us to see if your area qualifies.

Do I have to keep filling out declaration forms?

No – We only require one lot of paperwork per season for calf collection. This includes a Supplier Declaration Form & Payment Details Form. This is to be completed either before or on commencement of collection.

How will I get paid?

All  payments will be via direct credit to the farmer. Required details are included in the paperwork and are set up once at the start of your supply.

Can I sell you dead animals?

No – Animals must be alive when presented to AC Petfoods, this is a legal requirement.

Can I buy petfood from you?

Yes - We sell to manufacturers and people who order more than 10 boxes per order. Boxes are between 20 - 25kg
each depending on the product.

What is your collection area?

We collect in the wider Waikato region including Te Puke for some species of animals. Call us to find out if we can collect from you.

What animal species do you take?

Currenlty we are colletcing cows, bobby calves and horses.  We are not curerntly taking goats, Sheep & deer but will start taking if we are able to put the waste to rendering.

How much do you pay?

For a dairy cow, we generally pay between $5 and $25. 
Bobby Calf pricing can be found here. Call us to find out more.