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AC Petfoods offers collection of unwanted cows as well as injured stock. MPI requirements are from time of yarding, the psychological needs of the animal are adequately addressed. The animal needs to be in suitable facilities to minimize distress or injury and ease of shooting. Small holding paddock or yard is ideal. Adequate clean water must be supplied. All AC Petfoods’ drivers are Ante Mortem qualified to identify if a cow is suitable for petfood under MPI regulations.

We can collect...

  • Unwanted healthy cows
  • Mastitis (except black and gangrenous mastitis)
  • Arthritis, Johnes Disease, Eczema
  • Down Cows
  • Cows treated with antibiotics, dry cow and most other drugs. We can take cows that are still in a meat withholding period.
  • AC Petfoods can pick up down cows due to a treacherous injury such as a break or dislocation, calving paralysis (within 4 days of calving), lameness, arthritis, milk fever or grass staggers.
  • Milk fever or grass stagger cows require a veterinary statement stating that your cow has milk fever or grass staggers and that the cow is fit for pet food.
  • AC Petfoods must pick up your cow within 36 hours of milk fever or grass staggers.

We can’t collect...

  • Black and gangrenous mastitis
  • Blood Poisoning
  • Systemic Illness
  • Salmonella, Peritonitis, Lysteria, Acidosis, Ketosis
  • Tuberculosis (TB)
  • Dead Cows
  • Down Cows for reasons other than a treacherous injury such as a break or dislocation, calving paralysis, lameness, arthritis, milk fever or grass staggers.

Still unsure?

Give us a call on 0800 369 6269 if you’re still not sure if we can collect cow.