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Bobby Calves

A C Petfoods collect and process bobby calves in a modern facility. The inwards ramp is rubber lined with a camera so we can monitor calf handling.  The calf yards are covered to shelter the calves from the elements and then a semi automated process is used to kill and process the calves in a humane manner, the same process as many meatworks.  We guarantee same day processing in Ohaupo starting at 2pm.

We offer a range of advantages all year round to the farmer that no other bobby collection service can:

  • We accept all calves treated or exposed to penicillin
  • We are now collecting 6 days per week in selected areas, give us a ring to see if you apply.
  • Same day processing 6 days per week
  • Only ONE declaration and payment detail form for the entire season
  • No tags required
  • Monthly direct credit payments
  • Regular or casual collection option for the farmer
  • All year round calf processing
  • Our collection area covers the greater Waikato region

Calf Collection Criteria

New MPI Legislation introduced 1 August 2017

  • Suitable shelter must be provided for young calves before transportation. Animals must be protected from the elements.
  • Loading and unloading facilities are provided and used when young calves are transported for sale and slaughter. The facilities must be designed so that a calf is able to walk on or off the transport.

For full regulations, visit DairyNZ. To view examples of acceptable ramps and loading facilities, or to purchase, visit Corohawk, NZ Farm Source or Calf Platforms

  • Calves must be a minimum of 4 days old.
  • Calves must be fit and strong enough for transport. They must be bright in the eye, bear weight on all four limbs, with no visible disease, deformity, disability or injury.
  • Calves must have a dry, withered navel.
  • Hooves must be firm and worn flat, not rounded with unworn soft tissue.
  • Calves must be fed before pick up, and stomach must not be concave.
  • Calves being held for collection must have a clean, dry, sheltered enclosure with sufficient bedding and room to lie down.

Calf Declaration Forms

We require two forms, Supplier Declaration Form & Payment Details Form, to be completed once to cover your farm for the year. Once completed please post, email or fax to submit. Download


Pay Schedule

Our prices are quoted on live weight, not ‘hook’ weight and are exclusive of GST. These prices are valid until  1 October 2025 and apply to calf collection runs. Any calves collected on the cow trucks are a free disposal service.   An additional $4 plus GST is paid for all calves delivered to AC Petfoods. 

Large Calf  35kg+ $10.00
Medium Calf 25kg-34kg $4.00
Small Calf 17kg-24kg $0.00

How will I get paid?

You will be paid via direct credit on a monthly basis. Required details are included in the paperwork and are set up once at the start of your supply.